Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paying it Forward

So Jason and I did something kinda neat today.

Remember all that Irene water in our basement?  Remember how much it SUCKED?  Well, the sad thing is that we weren't really all that bad off compared to some people.  So around 7:30 this morning we got up along with a ton of other people from the church and headed up to northern New Jersey, around Teaneck and Paterson.

These are areas that after the storm looked like this:

That's, like, a lot of water.  

So today I got to put on one of those seriously stylin' "Mormon Helping Hands" T-shirts and went to go help people get cleaned out.  

(This is not us, BTW.  I was too busy to think about photos...)

And it made me grateful for the many things that I have.  Most of what we lost was replaceable.  The part that wasn't was largely salvageable.  Not everyone that we saw today was so lucky.  I stayed in my home and was able to mitigate damage as soon as I found it.  Most of the people that we helped today were evacuated.  Jason and I had people at our house within hours of the end of the storm and had that basement pumped and the carpet torn out within a day.  I talked to a woman this morning who had 3 feet of water in her basement until yesterday.

And that's why we got ourselves up this morning.  We had help.  Lots of it. 

It was time to leave our empty, wall-less, mostly mold-free basement to go help someone else. 


  1. and i think you, jason and me were the only ones not in pain after hanging in that garage/basement. everybody's necks were killing them. it pays sometimes to be short!!

  2. Seriously! I admit though, my neck might have been fine, but the rest of me was SORE!