Monday, October 17, 2011

Booger, Booger, BOOGER

Not just any booger, mind you.  One of those really gooey, greenish, I-have-bronchitis nasty boogers.  Booger.

So we just got a call from our agency in the US and things are on hold...again!  It's not a complete disaster like it was a couple weeks ago, but I'm still thinking about flinging gross balls of snot across the ocean.

Max is fine, we're still going to visit him soon.  Just not this weekend.  (Why do I feel like I have used that exact phrasing not long ago?  Oh yeah, that's right.  Because I have.)

See the way it works in most of the Eastern European countries that I know of, is that when a child is orphaned/abandoned/taken away or whatever the situation is, that child has to be on a database for a certain amount of time before they are "released" for adoption.  In this case, due to well...bureaucracy (go figure!) turns out that Max won't be officially "available" until mid-November.  Which means that if we head over there this weekend, we could spend a week pressing our cold little noses against the orphanage windows and never get to see him.


Here's the irony of it all:

#1: We had originally wanted to go in November to begin with!
#2: We just rushed our visas (expensively!) to have them ready to go by Saturday.
#3: Said rushed visas are only good until November 20 -- giving us, oh, about a week between the time when Max becomes available and we officially need to be off foreign soil!

Our choices are:

#1: Squish a visit into that narrow time-frame.
#2: Eat the first visas, get new ones and go when it seems to work out best.

No idea what we're going to do yet.  Stay tuned.

Booger out.

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