Friday, November 25, 2011

Give Thanks

(and yes I realize that I'm posting late, but give me a break, I'm posting from a cell phone in a hotel lobby half-way around tho world from home!)


You know how there are those holidays that you will always remember?  For me some of those are about being someplace interesting at the time -- Orthodox Easter in Greece, Christmas as a missionary in Germany, that kind if thing.  Even more memorable tend to be the family things -- like that Christmas when we all had the stomach flu and had frozen burritos for Christmas dinner.  And the year Dean and I decided to show each other our presents several weeks in advance (they were hidden on the top shelf of the bedroom closet and we pulled them down every couple days just to drool over a He-Man action figure and a My Little Pony all wrapped up in clear plastic!)

But nothing -- nothing -- tops this particular Thanksgiving!

We have hqd such a fabulous time with Max over the last few days (even though he cried through most of the hour yesterday).  Today, though, was really neat.  When we got there the baby home workers invited us to see a little puppet show program being put on for the children in Max's group.  There were about 10 of them and they were all so precious it hurt my heart to see them there.  Jason and I wanted to scoop them all up now and find bedrooms later! When Max saw us I think he was a bit worried that we were going to take him away from the fun, but I would't have missed that for anything!  It was so neat to see him interacting with people that he knows and loves (since we are still on through weird and mund-of scary list!)  But he has so much personality -- while all the other kids were dancing like bears, he decided to peek behind the puppet show curtain to see who was back there!

Later in the room it took him awhile to warm up to us again, but by the end we were having a great time.  I learned how to make all sorts of animal sounds in Russian and he made them too!  We cooked a plastic fish, we played an improvised version of monkeys-in-a-barrel but with frogs, we crashed cars into each other and just generally had fun.  Even more importantly, he seemed to be warming up to Jason, too!

(If you listen REALLY closely you can hear him making animal noises!)

(This is Jason's new favorite photo...I'm sure you can see why!)

When it was time to go, he just skipped off with his nanny with no idea of the changes in store for him over the next couple months, poor thing.Jason and I managed not to cry, mostly.

And yet, after so many years I just can't believe that he is real.

Thanksgiving indeed.

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  1. I'm sobbing! I'm sure that wasn't the purpose of your post but I am! :) Max was meant for you guys. It's obvious in every word that you type. I am so happy that you have found him!