Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How I Met My Son

That's right.  You heard me.

Son. Mine.


In all honesty it has been one of the most emotionally draining days ever -- I have been a nervous wreck for awhile now!

The day started out with a visit to the government department that handles adoptions, where we had to answer all sorts of questions about who we are and why we want to adopt.  Not hard questions, by any means, but it was sort-of intimidating nevertheless!  Our facilitator/translator was fabulous though -- I can't imagine doing any of this without her.

By the time we were finished there Max had already gone down for a nap so we met with director/head physician of the baby home, and a few of the other people who work with the children there.  They told us everything they knew about him and his background (right down to the 2 ear infections he had last year!) and we got to ask any questions we might have.  Honestly we didn't have very many, but we were very relieved to hear that he isn't allergic to dogs!

At that point we went to lunch since the kids were still sleeping and came back around 3:00.  Max was still asleep when we got there and everyone agreed that it was best to let him sleep since he's had a little bit of a cold for the past few days.

We waited in a playroom and I pretended not to be scared to death.  (Jason, being Jason, took a catnap.  I was jealous!)

At last they brought Max in!

He had quite obviously just woken up, and still not up at 100%, the poor thing. 

And he was pretty much the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

At first even his nanny was having a hard time getting him interested in his toys -- he was clearly nervous at being the center of attention and didn't much like it when she left the room (which is a really positive sign, by the way).

Eventually I ended up with him on my lap playing with a farm that made animal noises when you pressed buttons.  He seemed to really like this toy and we played with it for much longer than I expected.

And not a single word of that can tell you how it felt to have his little body snuggled into mine.  If you have kids already, go give them a hug.  Right now.  Really.  Go do it.

Eventually I let Jason have him for a few minutes.  Max was less thrilled about this -- we had been warned that the children tend to be wary of men, but Max was very brave!  You could tell he thought (seriously) about crying, but he never did.  It did make for the best photo of the afternoon though!

After a couple minutes of this, though, I held out my arms and (with a bit of hesitation) Max came right back to me.

Best.  Moment.  Ever.



  1. So beautiful. Just wait until that first time you snuggle him to sleep. :) I'm so excited for the 3 of you. How long do you get to stay? And when do you get to go back? And (most importantly) when do you get to bring him home? (Or do you know yet?)

  2. Oh my goodness!! He is precious! I am so so so happy for you guys.