Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thank Goodness for Holiday Hours

So today after finally giving my last final (the last one for like a year!) I had this massive migraine.  Like one of those migraines where the nausea makes sweat break out on your forehead and there are little black boxes swimming in front of your eyes.

Let's just say that driving home after class was Not Fun.

So needless to say I got home and stumbled upstairs to bed.  Immediately.  (Oh I got a Diet Coke first, but it took me about an hour and a half before I could even get myself to open it).

I'm not telling you this to whine -- I just want you to understand the extent of my not-togetherness.

The not-togetherness which meant that I didn't check my mailbox when I got home.  (The mailbox that I have been checking religiously to see if our notarized state background checks were in it).  It also meant that I didn't go immediately out to the Fed-Ex office to mail out our new visa applications until about 4:30.  (Yes, that would be the second set of applications overnighted to the visa office in the past 2 days, but that's another thing entirely.)

But of course I need to get these visa applications out today, so I pull myself together and head to the UPS store only to find out that they are open until 7pm because of the holidays.  Yippee!  So then I get home, open the mailbox, and what do I find?

The police letters.

That need to be notarized, apostilled, and in Russia by, um, Tuesday in order to apply for a COURT DATE!!

I shoot a couple emails back and forth with my our adoption coordinator and within 15 minutes was back on the road to the UPS store.

By 6:00 I was home.  And my court dossier is done.  Done.


Now we just wait for our court date.

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  1. hi! thanks for checking in to my blog:) your backstory definitely does include many twists and turns. life can really throw you for a has me many many times! hope your court date comes sooner rather than later.