Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm sitting in our hotel room in Moscow with no real idea how to begin.  For a day that has completely changed my life, the hours have been oddly anti-climactic.  We woke up in the dark (ok, that makes it sound earlier than it really is -- you don't get any real daylight here until almost 10:00), went to court, and were back at the hotel by noon.

That's it.

No balloons, no planes in the sky, no fireworks.  And yet as of this morning, Jason and I and legally parents.  We don't get the hands-on part of the job for a few more weeks, but the official part is done.

It was surprisingly easy.  Astonishingly easy for what it all means.  Jason and I each answered questions about ourselves, our motivations to adopt, and our ability to care for all of Max's needs.  The director of his baby home and Max's social worker both spoke about Max's situation and the appropriateness of the adoption.

It was all over within 45 minutes.

It seems like such a cut-and-dried thing.  Brief testimonies and a reasonably swift decision to utterly change the course of three lives -- mine, Jason's, and Max's.

I wish that Max could have been in the room with us.  It's not like he would have understood, but it was odd to go through this proceeding without him -- the keystone of the whole arch.  I wish he could have seen for himself the faces of everyone in the room who -- I truly believe -- were concerned about his welfare.  Again, it's not like he would have understood it, or even remembered in far into the future, but his was such a compelling absence in it all.  When I tell him about his story and get to this point -- the point from which the rest of it hangs -- how strange is it that this was the one part that he was never present for?

And yet that isn't quite the truth either, is it?  He was there in the testimonies of those that have loved and cared for him for the past two years.  He was there in the testimonies of those who will love and care for him for the next ninety-nine.

It's quite true that there was no shy, rather solemn two-year-old in the courtroom this morning, but Max was with us all the same.


  1. Cat, I am Jason's friend from mission times. I have been following your beautiful story and I am so incredibly happy for you, and happy you have made the journey to finally bring Max to you. Before his birth, before being placed in the baby home, he knew you would be coming for him. He knew he had to be patient, waiting through all the red tape and all your struggle, but he is yours.

    Enjoy each and every second of the joy.

    Robin Olson Peterson

  2. Congrats on becoming parents!! That makes me so happy for you two!! When are you able to bring Max home?

  3. I'm so happy that court went well! You talked about it being oddly short and easy--well, it's about time! After the weeks, months, YEARS of work and waiting that brought you to this point, you deserve to have this part go smoothly! I can't wait for you to get to bring him home!

  4. I can hardly wait to hear about your time with Max away from the orphanage. I'm sure it was an eye-opener for him.

  5. Our adoption was like that too. After all those years of waiting and jumping through hoops, it was finalized in 15 minutes. It seemed unreal. Congratulations on officially becoming a parent!

  6. Congratulations on officially welcoming your son into your family! I'm sure it feels amazing to have finally reached this point. Love the pictures! :)