Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hurricane Redux

So it rained last night.

It's not the first rain since Irene, of course, but at around 10:00 the lamp on my bedside table flickered.


As in the threat of a loss of power.

As in the threat that the sump pump would stop working.

As in a flood in my nearly finished, newly awesome basement.

Jason and I could barely sleep for fear that the power would go out.  I got up at 1am and went downstairs to check that (even though we had power) the sump pump was working.  It wasn't, but that was because the water table was so low that it was utterly unnecessary.  Jason reports that at 5am he woke up to check that the digital clock lights were still on.

The funny this is that my folks got us a generator for Christmas so that I never need to lose sleep over this again!

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