Sunday, January 8, 2012

That "Extra Room"

In every house that Jason and I have ever lived in we've always had an "extra room."  In Michigan, this extra room was only one room of a two-bedroom place and so it became a shared office/guest room whatever.

In our current house, the extra room is like 4 rooms.

Upstairs we had our room, a guest room and a "man den."  On the main floor is a kitchen, family room, and living room.  Downstairs is a big room that has generally been a TV room and then my office/craft room/stack of piles.

Clearly this is NOT a house meant for two people.  And of course we never meant for it to have just the 2 of us -- in every place that we have ever lived, we have on some level been planning for kids.

But this is the very first time -- in eight years of marriage! -- that we now finally have a fully decked out kids room!  That's actually why the blogging fell to the side over the last couple weeks.  I have been covered in paint and spackle dust and my fingers are literally dented from those little allen wrenches that you use to put together furniture.

But this has been by far the most productive Christmas holiday ever!

First was the office/craft room/stack of piles now turned super-duper man den/library/guest room:

And I would like to remind you that 4 months ago this rooms looked more or less like this: (thank you, Irene)

(This photo is actually from what used to be the downstairs TV room soon-to-be playroom, but that's 13 inches of water no matter how you look at it...)

And finally, saving the best for last is Max's new room (which was thankfully NOT affected by the hurricane since that would have meant 13 feet of water rather than 13 inches:)

We hope he likes monkeys.


  1. His room looks awesome! I love the bedding and I love the stripes in the den!

  2. What a cute room!

  3. I hope a lot of snuggling will happen in what looks like a glider in the corner.

  4. Great job on the rooms--they look great! Max is going to feel right at home!