Thursday, February 23, 2012

At Last...

I'm sure there are plenty of you back home that are busily waiting to hear how this week is going (cause I know that I'm pretty much the center of everyone's universe, right?).  Well, at least my parents probably want to know how things are since the hotel internet is making phone calls home pretty difficult.

Right now Max is down for a nap in the front room (on the couch, where he has been sleeping for the last few days since he refuses to sleep in the crib or on the bed with us.  It works out pretty well, actually -- we took the bedding off the crib, put in on the couch, and -- voila -- a toddler bed!  The maid thinks we're insane Americans, I'm sure).  Jason is also napping.  I wish I were napping.  I think I've slept maybe 10 hours in the last few days -- not because of Max (who is a good sleeper!) but because I still can't manage to sleep past about 3am!  Jet lag sucks.

So that's my excuse for not posting.  If the little dude is awake I'm up and about with him, and if he's not, I'm desperately trying (the key word being trying) to sleep.

Also, we can't seem to get the photos uploaded, and I wanted you all to see how stinking adorable this little guy is!

The truth is that he is adjusting far better than we could ever have hoped so far.  He sleeps (with a bit of effort), he loves bathtime (to the extent that it might be too much fun to make part of a bedtime ritual), he thinks going on a walk to see the cars on the road is about the best thing in the world, and he's pretty much as easy-going as any standard toddler (yeah, take that just however you want!).  Oh and he's a really good eater -- as long as the food is bread, cheese, banana, hot dog, or scrambled eggs.  Porridge (which we all assumed was a staple of his diet) is out, and any food from America (including goldfish!) gets spit out immediately.  Oh well. (Although I admit I tried some of those "toddler snacks" and I completely agree that freeze-dried fruit is nasty).

He thinks the sun pretty much rises and sets with Jason.  (Heaven forbid I try to put on his shoes!)  They are so cute to watch together -- I think having a man in his life is such a novelty for Max that they might always be best buds. 

He's picked up a few words of english, though all he actually can say is Mama and Papa.  But he can point to his nose, and sometimes his mouth, and he'll turn his head for a kiss when we say, "Kiss, kiss."  It's pretty stinking cute.

And it's all worth it -- though we feel pretty awful about uprooting him again in a couple days to head back home!  As for myself, I'll be happy to know that when I go to the grocery store I'll be able to find diapers (we visited 3 yesterday before Jason had the idea of trying a pharmacy!)

Anyway, that's it for now -- I'm going to try to get in a nap!


  1. Yay, congratulations! And I can't wait until you're home with good enough internet that you can share cute pictures!

  2. Woo Hoo! Can't believe you're almost home. I volunteered to bring you a meal next week because I want to help, but mostly because I want a sneak peak at the little man! Can't wait! Good luck on your flight home!