Friday, February 17, 2012


Tonight Jason and I had our last meal as a free-and-easy childless couple in the USA.  (Burger King was on the menu -- I know, I know.  That was even with a gift certificate to PF Chang's.  It's just that there has been so much to do!!!!)

So instead of telling you all about how nervous/excited/overwhelmed/overjoyed/terrified I am about welcoming Max into the family this week, I thought I would tell you about what I did this week:

1: Organized Max's clothes.  We have awesome, generous friends, so there were a lot of clothes to organize.
2: Organized Max's toys: see above
3. Re-glued, re-stained, and refinished the parquet floor that Irene killed last August.
4: Laid a new tile floor by the front door (where the Irene damage was a bit too much to just repair)

It looks good, right?  I'm ridiculously proud of myself at the moment.

5: Thoroughly cleaned my living room FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE HURRICANE!!! (The room now looks like a real room instead of a between-disaster-zone...finally.)

6: Put the laundry room more or less back together (if you've ever seen my laundry room then you'll understand why less tends to be more.)
7: Taxes (well, mostly)
8: An ENORMOUS amount of shopping -- who knew that one little boy could need so much stuff?  (Oh and here's a question for you all: at what point did your kids start using a pillow?  I couldn't find any toddler-sized pillows and I am wondering if that's because I clearly know nothing about kids or whether I'm just blind)
9: Brainstormed and brainstormed ways to keep a little dude occupied on the 10-hour flight home next week.
10: Tried -- largely unsuccessfully -- to use all of that other stuff to distract me from the fact that Max is coming home.  The other shoe hasn't dropped, and at this point it seems unlikely that it will.  Amazing,  Incredible.

We're coming Max.  Your Mama and Papa are almost there.  Your family is coming.

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, the newly reglued and retiled living room floor now officially marks THE END of Hurricane Irene reconstruction.


  1. WONDERFUL!!!!! This is awesome to read. I'm glad you guys had all that stuff to keep you busy, even if the hurricane sucked. SIlver lining.....kind of? lol!
    I can't wait to meet that little guy!

    P.S. You can just get a regular pillow if he's over 2 years old :) At least, thats when all my kids moved out of a crib and got a regular pillow. Well, except Baby Man but I'm not sure when he will be big enough to move out of the crib.....Ok, Im rambling now. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

  2. P.P.S. Your Russian WORD of the day on the right is "FRANTIC!" LOL

  3. All my kids have had access to a (regular-sized) pillow since they moved out of the crib, but I don't think any of them started using them regularly until 3 or 4yo. But yeah, no toddler sized pillows. If you buy a sheet set for a toddler bed it will come with a regular sized pillow case. Can't wait to see your little one HOME!!!

  4. So excited for you and for him!!!! Hooray!!! Oh, and your house looks great! ;-)

  5. So very excited for you guys. I am just happy that it is finally coming to an end and Max will be home soon. You two will be GREAT parents. Send pictures as soon as you can. Love the updates

  6. The pillow thing made me giggle. Because I had the EXACT SAME QUESTION when I was putting together R&L's room. I wonder what time you are picking up Max... hmm.. I bet you are busy doing SOMETHING right now!