Friday, February 24, 2012

It's 4am on a Saturday...

And I can't sleep. Still.

In a few hours we'll be on the plane home -- i can't wait. The truth is that I just want to get our lives started. This past week has been wonderful in so many ways -- whatever made me think my giggle-monster child was shy and serious is utterly beyond me!  He has changed so much over the last few days and we are finally seeing the real Max, who is cheerful (mostly), creative (always), cuddly (especially if got name is Papa), and just plain fun to be around. 

But he probably thinks that our hotel room and the Moscow city streets are the whole of his new life and we don't know quite how to tell him that there is more out there.  I want him to get hugs from his baboushkas and sloppy kisses from his dogs.  He is going to think the animals all over his room are the best thing ever and I can't wait to spend the mornings making monkey sounds. 

As fun as this time has been, it has just been a holding pattern.  And as much as I hate to throw him through another loop, I will be glad to get started on the rest of our lives.

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