Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twas the Night Before Parenthood...

...and we did nothing to celebrate.

We might be too nervous. 

We got into town this afternoon, checked into the hotel, slept way longer than we should have (ugh, this time change keeps killing us!), braved the outdoors to find food, and then came back to the room.

My little brother told me we should have ordered in pizza and watched rated-R movies...I told him that the only DVDs we have with us tended heavily towards Thomas the Tank Engine...

We caught up on emails and Facebook (and the blog, obviously) and every once in awhile we turn to each other and say, "Oh my gosh, we're going to have Max here with us tomorrow night."

I opened the package of bubbles.  I got his clothes ready to take to the baby home (2 sets since he's totally between sizes).  I got out the playdough mat.  We checked out the little neighborhood park across from the hotel.

Just biding time -- which is something we have gotten very, very good at.

What I'm not sure about is what you do when the wait is finally over.  

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