Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Five Months Home

I know, I know -- it's been too long.  I have excuses, all sorts of them.  But the truth?  Well the truth is that my life has simply been too full for the last couple months to worry about the blog!  And I had meant to post at our 4-month-home mark, but I missed it (I blame the family we had in town at the time) and so I couldn't let this one go by too!

But as I look back at the last five months with Max I can't wrap my head around how much all of our lives have changed.

When we first brought him home his only words were "beep beep" and "moo".  Yesterday at lunch I asked him if he wanted milk or juice and he told me very succinctly: "Chocolate milk."  It sounded more like "oka mik" than anything that you or I might say, but I thought it was pretty awesome for a little guy who literally hadn't spoken before March.

Remember the little guy who wouldn't let me cuddle him after smacking his forehead on the end table?  As you recall we were practicing putting Band-Aids on owies, right?  Well the other day, he wanted to wear some (without the owie, but he had just watched his cousin put one on, so what's a mom to do?) and he was so proud of them that after they loosened in the bath he laid them across his pillow at bedtime.  In fact we had to tear the whole bed apart when when of them got lost in the blankets.

When we first brought him back there was a part of me that would dread taking him for walks around the neighborhood, because we would inevitably run into someone that he decided he wanted to go home with.  I have this distinct memory of nearly wailing in pain and frustration during the first couple weeks home when we ran into a neighbor and her young daughter who is just a year older than Max.  It was still cold, but we were playing with sidewalk chalk anyway, and Max kept running to her for hugs and clinging to her legs.  It wasn't unexpected behavior, but it still hurt to watch (since I was still persona non grata at the time and was lucky if he would hug or touch me at all).  We ran into them again a few days ago and what a difference!  He and the little girl played with sticks and wheelbarrows and every few minutes he would look up and call for me to come over and see what he was doing.  The other mom might as well not have existed. 

I think I mentioned once or twice that I was pretty much chopped liver in his world at the beginning, right?  I had read my adoption books, and I knew it wasn't uncommon for a toddler especially to reject one parent for awhile but phew! -- nothing comes close to expressing how awful that experience actually is!  Those days are a distant memory now.  I wish I could say when it changed, but it was sometime between Easter and Mother's Day.  These days I'm barely allowed to be across the room from him.  If we are hanging out, he's in my lap.  We dance and sing and he doesn't mind holding my hand in parking lots (ok, he doesn't mind any more than any other opinionated, stubborn, and rambunctious two-and-a-half-year-old).

The past few months have been remarkable.  Incredible really.  Hard and exhausting, well sure.  Duh.  But every day there is a moment.  Maybe he's playing with his food.  Maybe he's putting his animals in the barn by family group (he is OBSESSED with the idea of family right now -- everything from people to trucks gets organized into Papas, Mamas, and Babies).  Maybe he's dancing in front of the TV or climbing the rock wall at the park by himself.  Who knows.  And then I have that moment when my whole heart smiles, and I think to myself, "I love this little guy.  More than anything else in the world, I love this little guy."

(Oh, and if you want to know what we've been doing, scroll down...)

We've been playing in fountains with very clear "No Wading" signs.

We've spent lots of time at the park.

 We've been filling all the local ponds with rocks.  I expect a county water supply shortage any day now.

Wearing Mama's sunglasses...

...and hat.

It's good times at our house right now.


  1. Thanks for the update! It is great to hear how well he is doing!

  2. Awesome photo update! Made my day. So happy to know that he is adjusting so well. Wow, he sure is a cutie :)