Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just So I Remember

We had an eventful day today.  We woke up to discover that our power (which went out at 9pm last night during a crazy thunderstorm) was still out.  This meant that before church we dragged our new generator (thank you, Mum and Dad!) out of the garage and got our fridge and freezer working again.  Can I just tell you how much I really didn't want to lose my new Omaha Steaks?? The power came on again around 3 and all was well.  Mostly I was just excited to use the generator, which we figured simply owning would ensure that we never needed it. 

Lesson learned, Hurricane Irene, lesson learned.

But since this blog is really a memory book for our family as much as it is anything, I figured it was time to start writing down more of the things I don't want to forget.

Like dinner tonight.

We got a late start on dinner (cause someone triple parked us at the park this afternoon, but that's another story) so I had leftover pizza, Jason had salad and Max was eating Spaghettios and chocolate milk.  Actually it was pretty cute; Max spent the first part of his meal looking for the chicken (meatballs) that were hiding and crowing with triumph when he found one.  But then he got bored and so dumped his chocolate milk into his bowl.  He ate it, of course.  I laughed, Jason thought it was going to make him puke, and Max thought it tasted just fine.

Now that in itself is not to far outside of normal at our house.  I have seen any number of gross concoctions from a kid who thinks the ingestion of literally any plant matter might kill him.

It was when he started drinking it all though the bendy straw that dinner really became memorable.

I am kicking myself for not immediately pulling out the video camera, but at least it's here now.

Just so I remember.

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