Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Most Wonderful Thing About Tiggers....

I may or may not be violating copyright law with my blog title post.  I'm not really sure and I rather hope that Disney will see this from my side.

I am raising Tigger.

No, really.


This came home to me yesterday when I had six kiddos at my house.  The other five belong to my brother and sister-in-law, and they were at my place while the moving truck was at theirs.

Now the six of them have been thrown together plenty over the last few weeks, mostly over at my mom's place, where Max has become something of a scapegoat for all missing things.  This is not entirely unreasonable -- if there is something in a nook or cranny somewhere, he will find it and transport it to another nook or cranny somewhere else.  (At this point the tally is one chess piece and two small game pieces, all of which are now found.  I also lost a flip-flop over there that has since come home, but I think I can only blame that on myself).  But this just goes to show that while over there, my boy is very active.  OK, he's active everywhere, I admit it.

So they were all at my place yesterday.

The "Bigs" consisted of one 12-year-old boy and one nine-year-old boy.

The "Littles" consisted of one 6-year-old girl, one 5-year-old girl, and two two-year-old boys.

It was loud and chaotic and great fun.  The Littles spent most of the morning sliding into the kiddie pool, which I tried VERY hard to take videos of and it wasn't until last night that I realized that the reason that the screen was black when I was trying to take said videos was that I had not opened the lens cap.  (Please no one tell my very camera-savvy husband about this!).  After lunch Max usually goes down for a nap, but I figured we would skip it since it would be hard to put him down with the crew there.

Except that around 2:30 he went upstairs and got in bed.

Okay, that never happens.

He was asleep about 30 minutes later, and the rest of us hung out in the family room.  We put puzzles together.  We watched Mulan.  We rode the rocking horse.

It was so...peaceful.

I could go into the kitchen to clean the counters.  If it hadn't been for the sleeping bug upstairs I could have vaccuumed in the adjoining room. I might even have been able to clean toilets.

Max woke up an hour later.  Mulan was still on the TV, and it was just getting to the avalanche part.  Max jumped on the couch yelling "uh-oh, uh-oh!" at the top of his lungs.

Chaos returned.

My single, 32-pound child easily out-louded the other five of them put together.  EASILY.

After everyone left, Jason, Max and I sat on the tablecloth on the floor for our weekly pizza-and-a-movie night.  The movie was "The Tigger Movie."

And yes, Max jumped/skipped/galloped around the room yelling "bounce, bounce, BOUNCE!" for a good half-hour.

At which point the world clicked into place inside my head.

I am raising Tigger.  Tee-eye-double-guh-rrrrrr.

He was always my favorite anyway.

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