On Sunbeams

So there's a little bit of an inside joke in the title of this blog.  Actually it's only an inside joke if you aren't Mormon.  If you are, well then I hope you enjoy having this song stuck in your head for the next little bit!

Everyone loves sunbeams, right?  Rays of light breaking through clouds, light in shattering darkness, the whole things.  All very symbolic and heavenly, right?  For someone who has suffered (and I really mean suffered) through so many years of  infertility, that's precisely what adoption feels like.

But there's more.

At church, all the little children aged 3 and 4 are called sunbeams.  There's even a song that goes with it -- complete with arm motions and often some jumping.  And the thing is -- I'm not bringing home a newborn, or even a baby.  I'm bringing home someone who can already walk, sort-of talk, and (possibly?) even sit on a potty.

I'm bringing home a sunbeam.